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I am Jayashree (Ja-ya-sh-ree). I am a Writer, Mentor, freelance Photographer, language learner and former Tech professional/leader. I currently live in Berlin, Germany.

I quit my full time corporate tech job after nearly 15 years of grind. I was burnt out and my idea about work had changed. So I decided to reboot and piece my life afresh, learn from my past, process my life slower and better and savour and express my learning creatively. I've pursued many things and learned a lot ever since. And I enjoy sharing what I've learned with others. Coaching, mentoring, writing, photographing, reading, observing, traveling, cooking, baking, slow cycling and exchanging creative ideas with others all help me in my efforts to live my life a little better everyday.

I've lived in different cities of the world. I've had a chance to work with people from different countries. This makes me more open and less rigid about life. I love discovering common patterns in our behaviour as humans. I don't understand why people see so many differences and try so hard to be unique all the time. All I see is a lot of common nonsense binding us all together :-)

I laugh and cry and tear my hair out about how we manage to make life hell for each other. Sometimes I write about it. Sometimes I succeed in simplifying things for myself. I write about that too. I hope that someone somewhere finds it useful. Even if it's just some Martians on a discovery mission to Earth in some distant future. (I'd like to leave something behind for their entertainment).

These days I try not to be clever about things. I've realised that that's just the worst way to live. Because the minute I think I know something, I receive a nice little whack on my head from life. So I'll stay on my "continuous learning" mode. Makes it easier to start from scratch at any age.

Maybe you'd like to follow along as I wander through life. If you do, thank you! Like I said before, I'll try not to be "clever". That's a promise.


Also:I also write here on LinkedIn.

Also, also: I've got some of my photography work up here

Plus also: I love nature, books, music, movies, traveling, comedy shows and cooking. I am currently learning German.

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Hello! I write on how to learn, grow, communicate and lead. I am no authority. I write as I learn about life. And I am always learning. I live in Berlin, DE.